Paris I – Thoughts on the attacks and terrorism in general

This may seem like an obvious statement to some of you, but based on what I’ve seen online today, I feel the need to say it.

I think it’s a huge mistake to look at terrorism as if the only ones responsible are fanatics with AK-47’s, or even the groups they are supposedly a part of. This is not an isolated problem in an otherwise perfect world, but a result of something so much worse: an extremely macabre war-game played out by elites at the helms of governments, religious organisations, multinational corporations, royalty and so on. It is not a case of ‘Terror vs Freedom’, but a vicious fight for power in which all sides are as guilty as each other. Young people, most likely swayed by a desperate state of mind and willing to do anything to make their lives count, are the pawns in this game. And it makes no difference whether they are suicide bombers or military troops, it’s the same thing. And it is them, alongside innocent civilians, who pay the ultimate price.

Many of the politicians who say they are fighting terror also foster it, by bowing down to capitalism and allowing the weak to be exploited, so that corporations (the true rulers) can control the worlds oil, gas, and other vital resources. These are then used to manufacture all these things we do not need, yet are taught to consume, so that we remain docile and entertained (yet chronically sick and distracted from our dreams) leaving those in power free to call the shots. Corporate media and the entertainment industries are the messengers and salespersons of these demagogues, who play upon fears and help build the armies that will ultimately fight for their causes and not our own.

But let’s not fall into the trap of pointing the finger and absolving ourselves either. We may be hypnotised to some extent by the convincing nature of the beast, but that doesn’t mean we have to be victims. We are actually the hand that feeds the monster, and it is our own fear that is reflected in the reality of our world. The people running things are human beings who essentially have the same fundamental fears as us, and will eventually be replaced by others who will do the same. Although we may not be directly responsible for individual events, we are participants in the bigger mechanism that brings them about. And this means that not only can we change something, but it is our responsibility to do so, and this must be done as a collective. We can remove as many dictators and kill as many ‘bad guys’ as we want, but there will always be new ones to fill their shoes until we go through a much deeper change.

I think that instead of praying, changing our profile pics or posting whatever the trending hashtag is, we need to stop buying into the lies that we are constantly fed and actually do something. Of course I believe in solidarity, and mean no disrespect to anyone who wants to light a candle in support of those that are grieving a loss, but are we really helping anything by clicking a few buttons on Facebook to be seen as supportive by our friends (who probably already know our opinion)? Is it to make ourselves feel better? Does this really support/change anything, or does it just perpetuate the idea that we are powerless and free of responsibility? Maybe we need to inform ourselves, start caring about political and social issues a little more, and become active in a way that actually makes a difference, or at least try. We can’t just sit back and watch it happen. Yet most of us do, everyday. I include myself in that, and feel pretty ashamed by it.

However, I have some ideas about what I will continue to try and do:

Give less to the infinite list of companies that exploit (Nestlé, Inditex, Coca-Cola, Shell, Fifa, Philip Morris, Apple, etc) and more to alternatives (your €£$’s are as powerful as your vote, if not more); not vote or support in any way governments who stand beside corporations that monopolize and submit (Chevron, Dow Chemical, Monsanto…) and/or those who profit from war (Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Boeing, etc); try to influence the political arena in whichever way possible; learn about the ‘other’ terrorists and rulers (Bilderberg group, Trilateral commission, Federal reserve, IMF, BCE, fortune 500, etc); go outside and protest against things like the TTIP or the ransacking of countries; and maybe most importantly, find out what we can do to make a difference from within our community and have more respect for ourselves and the people around us.

Paris I – Thoughts on the attacks and terrorism in general

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